We install high-quality carports, awnings, and shadeports and repair damaged products that need a little TLC.



This is a structure designed to protect cars from the elements. Theses ports can also be used as patio covers providing shade & protection from the rain. They are made from a durable aluminum which is designed to be whether resistant. These structures can either be free standing or attached to a wall, they provide less protection than a garage but are far more cost effective.

COLORPLUS® brings modern innovation to pre-painted steel roofing – not to mention a range of colors that are as visually appealing as they are durable. COLORPLUS® is produced by a unique, efficient process whereby rolled steel is continuously hot dipped into 55% Aluminium, 43.5% Zinc and 1.5% Silicon Alloy.



  • The Aluminium component of the coating provides a tough physical barrier between the external atmospheric conditions and the inner core of steel.
  • The Zinc in the coating protects the steel at cut edges.

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These are secondary coverings made from an aluminum frame with a covering of woven whether resistant canvas or vinyl. These can also be made strictly from aluminum when there are whether conditions that require a more heavy duty option.

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Shade ports


Are very adaptable and can be used in various ways, to cover cars for walkway protection, sandpit covers. They can be used for domestic or commercial use and are available in a waterproof woven net option.

Competitive Carports

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Sheds & Structures

At Competitive Carports, we design, fabricate and erect engineer certified steel structures and sheds.


Structure of Gable Roof Provisions 


Marking, casting of bases

Roofing in 0.50 mm Widespan, IBR, Saflok, Industrial 7, Zincal, coated and uncoated.

All steel coat Grey Etch Primer

Pre-galvanized lip channels (125x75x20x2)

Transport to site

Barge and ridge flashing

Gable and side cladding

Engineers design and certificates

PVC wire and Allucushion/Sisolation


Provisions To Be Discussed With Client:


Levelling of Site

Power to Site

Security to Site

Gutters and downpipes

Digging of bases

Supply of ready-mix concrete

Reinforcing for bases if required by the Engineer

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